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Most attractive place when traveling to Vung Tau

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 From past to present, Vung Tau has been known as an attractive place because of its natural beauty. Going to anywhere in Vung Tau will give tourists attractions. Vung Tau has sea route 20km long. It juts out the land, so tourists can see East Sea all in the dawn and dusk. Besides the value of natural landscape, Vung Tau is also a long – standing traditional touristy destination.
    This land will bring travelers peaceful and comfortable feelings with wide and airy roads. Everything makes a beautiful Vung Tau. Not only is Vung Tau meek and affable but it has a lot of famous scenes as well.
    The climate of Vung Tau:
Ba Ria – Vung Tau lies in tropical monsoon climate, one year is divided into two seasons: wet season from May to October and dry season from November to April in the next year, this time has north – east monsoon. The average degree is 27 degrees.
    Suitable time for traveling Vung Tau:
In Vung Tau, it is suitable for visiting here all year round. Because the temperature is not too cold or too hot. The only thing which tourists need to pay attention is following the weather forecast news to avoid rainstorm days. Besides, at weekends and on public holidays, Vung Tau is crowded with a lot of people, so the price of all services rises.
    Beautiful sights:
 Bai Sau
Bai Sau is famous for nice seashores and foam. It is also a place having many restaurants and hotels. Therefore, the majority of tourists like Bai Sau. It also has Thuy Van paradise which is very well – known. 

 Bai Truoc
The center of Vung Tau is Bai Truoc. This place concentrates lots of buildings and bustling shopping centers. Tourists usually choose Bai Sau because the environment of Bai Sau is cleaner than Bai Truoc. However, Bai Truoc is an ideal place to see the dusk and walk.

 Con Dao
Con Dao is renowned for the limpid beach, green coconuts and the white sand dunes. Everything can make tourists have the passion for its beauty. It is no doubt that Con Dao draws not only autochthones but foreigners as well coming here to enjoy a work of art. With its neglected beauty, Con Dao is really a rare paradise in Vietnam.

 Villa Blanche
 Villa Blanche Is a European-style mansion in the late 19th century, located on the side of Big Mountain in Vung Tau city. This place was used as a resort for Governor-General of Indochina, Emperor Bao Dai and the presidents of the Republic of Vietnam.

Ho May resort
Ho May is one of the interesting resorts to explore when coming to Vung Tau. Tourists have many chances to go by suspension cables and play games. Especially, this place is ideal for children with series of games such as: planes, water park and so on.

Experience tourism:
Restaurants: Matildas, Ganh Hao, David Pizzeria, Lucy’s Sports Bar and Hotel, New Century,…
Hotels: Imperial hotel, Pullman Vung Tau, Carmelina Beach Resort,…
Food: grilled food, Khot cake, sponge cake,…
With these shared experience, hope you have beautifullycomfortable time at one of the most attractive destination in Viet Nam.


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