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Charming Hanoi Old Quarter- The heart and the soul of Hanoi

  4.7/5 in 3 Customer Reviews

    Are you wondering why did I give that name for Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam? But take it easy and read this, I’m going to introduce you a little bit about the hidden charm of The Old Quarter. Personally, I fell in love immediately with small streets, small houses and were built very close to others when the first time I set foot on the Old Quarter and it has been the most interesting experience of 6 years living here. The Old Quarter is also the inspiration of numerous writers, poets, and painters, and one of the desired tourist destinations in Hanoi.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phố cổ hà nội

The beauty of the Old Quarter in the morning - source: internet

   Explore the beating heart of Hanoi, the Old Quarter, also known as ¨Hanoi 36 streets¨ is the top special historical evidence with the thousand years old streets and sightseeing of the capital city. If you’re amazed Vietnam is a crazy Russian hour traffic, think again in the morning. The Old Quarter the heart of Hanoi is the busiest place of the city but is also quiet in the morning. If you can wake up early enough, you’ll get to experience low time in one of the most populated areas and if you’re Vietnamese, you’re gonna be surprised because you’ll think you’re in the another place. Walking around Hoan Kiem lake- lake of the restored swords, enjoying the fresh atmosphere, you’re likely to catch the local out about exercising, jogging, dancing and listening to National voice radio of Vietnam. Vietnamese often say: ¨The way leads to heart passing the stomach¨ it’s definitely true! After learning a bit of history, you can look for a tiny little place just off the street serving “pho bo”- special noodle in Hanoi. Having “pho bo” in the small place on the bench, taste a cup of Vietnamese coffee and take a relax conversation is a good way to end your morning’s adventure before exploring some things in The Old Quarter

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phở bò

Pho Bo- the essence of Hanoi cuisine: source: internet

   The old quarter is so unique to Hanoi, it’s the place where the first annoying settled and it’s also the place where people here are doing what they’ve been doing for the past few decades. Most people have been living in the old quarter for centuries and remained there for generations. There are 3 or even 4 generations living together in a small house for many years. The families live on top of other families. That is so pretty interesting for explore the living style of people here

In contrast to the peaceful morning ,you’re going to able to see the things that you might never ever seen previously and you’re also going to get a chance to find out more all thing things that are hidden deep within the alleys of the old quarter . Especially in the Old Quarter, get around and take some photos by cyclo, you can find most of the streets have their name started with the Vietnamese word ¨Hang¨. Those streets are named depends on the product which people sold on those streets in the past. But nowadays, some streets in The Old Quarter have been changed, people started selling some products base on people´s demand. Looking from the front of the houses, you can see that most of the local people use their houses for business. There are shops next to stores. Hanoi may not be a fashion or food destination but there are plenty of places that have stock of trendy to basic clothing or sell a variety of delicious foods at a reasonable price. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to buy things you need.

The souvenir shop in Hang Be street- source: internet

In the past, the crowded, bustling and noisy scene may seem to be familiar to the people and foreigners in Hanoi. Some foreigners worry to face the traffic in the local ways. But nowadays, you don’t need to be afraid of this. 3 days in the weekend, from Friday until Sunday, the walking streets-new hotspot for cultural activities and entertainment are opened to serve local people and foreigners in an effort to create a surprise open space to have fun, sing and learn the cultural values. Along the street, just wait for a few minutes, you will get a perfect picture of yourself drawn by a street artist around Sword Lake with a reasonable price. Moreover, visitors can also have chances to taste several types of Vietnamese street food and being back to childhood with traditional games such as rope jumping, ball hitting... Not only bring great experience, no matter where are you from, no matter how old you are or what religious you are but it is the bridge linking the foreigners and people from all ages in those games. Folk music performance is also special present that Hanoi want to give you when you come here  

Performing folk music in the walking street – source: internet

After a tired day walking around it is the time for taking a seat and tasting some foods. Talking about delicious foods in Hanoi, The Old Quarter first comes to me. Although the Old Quarter is very small, but I am sure that you will have to spend many times to explore all small streets with a variety of foods until you feel weary in your legs. Try to experience fast pace of life of local people here by a cup of Vietnamese coffee on the sidewalk, or drink beer in Ta Hien street on little chairs to let yourself enjoy the bustling activities and bring you a unique and priceless moment of your trip to Hanoi. Beside spend time for eating and drinking, you also can discover the night market inside the Old Quarter if you stay here a few days. As the walking street, the night market is only held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 6 pm to 11 pm. Coming to the
night market, you can find everything concerning clothes and recreation

Egg coffee- Đinh coffee 13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng street- source: internet

In order to understand deeply why the Old Quarter could make many people do not want to leave, you have to experience by 100% of your heart. Talking about Hanoi, everyone cannot miss mentioning the Old Quarter. A famous writer said that “when you love a woman, you love her soul, and the Old Quarter is the soul of a beautiful women”. Wishing to provide many high-quality services to tourists to enjoy a perfect holiday, Viet media travel is willing to help you all information, consultant about tours and to experience together with you. Let’s quickly plan your trip and book flights to Vietnam now!

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