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Our Story
Viet Media Travel proud to be one of the ten leading travel companies in Vietnam, providing professional business travel services for Vietnamese tourists to the charms of nature from across the country and the world. More than 8 years of operation, catching the development trend of the smokeless industry, we focus on investing not
only in human resources, the quality of service, the technology but also expand representative offices in many local areas, and the firm development of international
partner network bring diversified tourism products, attractive with reasonable price for customers. Our business philosophy "Bringing benefits to the community and society by creating more opportunities to local learning and worldwide learning through the tours", we believed in getting the customer trust and the responsibilities for assigned to serve customer. In particular, we focus on building the unique products and precise in detail to bring our customers to lifetime memorable
trips - "Trips of lifetime". Viet Media Travel appreciate thanks to your trust and
accompany with our company.
  • Typical Young Entrepreneurs award HCMC 2014
  • Typical Young Entrepreneur Vietnam award 2014
  • Chairman of the Japanese outbound travel Club in south region
  • Head of the Communications and Events of Vietnam Travel Association
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh city Travel Association
  • Head of the Communications and Events of Vietnam Society Of Travel Agents
Wish you always healthy and happiness
General Director Tran Van Long
  1. Vision
As a pioneer company directly connected supplier service to customers with the aim to create diversified product for Vietnamese families by the ORIGINAL VALU E - HIGH QUALITY Become the most beloved trademark of Vietnamese.
  1. Mission
Desire to give the beauty of culture, famous landscape and the development achievements in all aspects of humanity, Viet Media Travel will be the connection bridge for visitors to the beautiful lands of Vietnam or the civilizations of many countries in the world.
  1. Strategy
Viet Media Travel was established in 2008 and soon became one of the most trusted brands in the tourism field because of our aspirations, ability, experiences and dedicated work attitudes. We are constantly developing with positive attitudes and eager to learn new things. We keep innovating, professionalizing and paying attention to details to provide our customers the best service.
  1. Domestic Tour
The beauty of the S-shaped strip of land is well-known by the simple factors but unforgettable in feel. What was made the tourism value of a country that has the culture thousands of years been blessed with the charms of nature as rivers, mountains, seas, lakes strung along the length of the country?
  1. North the VietNam
Journey to the North: Ha Noi - Yen Tu - Ha Long – Sa Pa - Fansipan
Northeastern: Ha Noi - Ha Giang - Lung Cu - Dong Van - Phu Tho
Northeastern: Bac Kan - Ba Be lake - Ban Gioc waterfall - Nguom Ngao cave
Northwestern: Ha Noi - Moc Chau - Son La –Sa Pa - Dien Bien – Phu Tho
  1. Central the VietNam
Heritage Road: Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An – Phong Nha- Nha Trang beach and islands
Nha Trang – Da Lat “From the forest to the sea”
Phu Yen – The most beautiful peak (top) of the moutain
Phan Thiet with sand and sea.
  1. HighLand
Buon Ma Thuot - Coffee Kingdom
Dalat - The land of flowers
  1. South VietNam
Con Dao - Neglected island
Phu Quoc - A pearl island
Rivers and canal system in Southwestern:
My Tho - Can Tho - Soc Trang - Bac Lieu - Ca Mau
Discover Tram Tra Su forest Tour
V Outbound Tour
The separation of the geographical location and cultural space have created many different beauty and the characteristics of the five continents. Viet Media Travel will convey it to visitors through local cuisine, wonderful landscape with the appropriate
services of the foreign travel programs.
  1. Asian Tour
Throughout the thousands years of the history development, Asia is known as the cradle of the Oriental culture. Join with us to discover and experience the thing that was asleep in Asian cultures.
Campuchia,Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,HongKong,China,Korea,Japan,Taiwan,Philippine Laos
  1. Middle East Asia
Come to the Kingdom of the kings of oil. On the back of a camel in the desert seemed to be unlimited, you will be lost in the story "One Thousand and One Nights" of the girl Scheherazade and astonished by a luxurious city with super works rated to the list of New World Wonders as Khalifa tower. Let's explore Middle East Asia, where fairy and present mix harmonious together with Viet Media Travel.
  1. Travel Europe
It is going to be the unforgettable trip in your life when you see the charming Venice on Gondola boat drifting on the charming canals. Or walking on yellow leaves roads, enjoy a hot cappuccino in front of the terrace of Saint Peter's Square, sightseeing tour on Amsterdam canal and the locking love on the Pont des Arts bridge ...
  • Russia: Moscow - St.Petersburg
  • Almaty - Issyk lake - St.Peterburg - Moscow
  • Italy
  • France
  • France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany
  • France - Switzerland - Germany
  • France - Switzerland – Italy
  1. Travel America
The American dream is always the desire of anyone who wants to come to splendid America. Walking on the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood, look at the Statue of Liberty in New York… we will bring you to fully dream in the
itinerary to America.
  • New York- Washington D.C- Las Vegas- Los Angeles- Mexico- Toronto- Thousand Islands- Ottawa- Montreal
  1. Travel Australia
Just reward yourself a dolphin watching trip on the white yacht in the middle of Jervis Bay, enjoy seafood and wellknown Australian wine and see the land of Kangaroo from the observatory of the tallest building in Southern Hemisphere
  • Sydney - Jervis Bay - Wollongong
  • Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne
  • Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane
  • New Zealand:
  • Auckland - Waitomo - Routua – Matamata
  1. Africa Tour
Splendid sight by the magical scenery of purple flamboyant season in Pretoria, started at Cape Town - the beautiful city which gather charms from people, architecture and entertainment to the fascinating, diverse,... the perfect destination for tourists who want to spend adventure with full of excitement.
South Africa: Cape Town - Johannesburg -The Sun City Kenya
  1. Domestic Festival
  • Huong pagoda (from 6/1 to March of Lunar calendar)
  • Bai Dinh pagoda (from 1st to March of Lunar calendar)
  • Yen Tu pagoda (1/1 to March of Lunar calendar)
  • Hue Festival (every once of two year - leg year)
  • Da Nang fireworks festival (once ever y two years on 29-30/4)
  • Xu pagoda (23- 27/4 Lunar calendar)
  • Lunar New Year.
  1. Festival Abroad
Songkran Festival in Thailand (13-15/4)
Cherr y blossom Festival in Japan (from end month of March to the beginning of April)
Beer festival Germany -Oktoberfest (every October each year)
Keukenhof flower Festival (end month of March to May ever y year in Holland)
Black Friday (Friday after thanks giving day)
Please follow the Lord to Jerusalem and pray where Mary gave birth to God or join in the canonization ceremony at the Vatican. We will accompany you in the journey of
spiritual to find the moments to be comfortable in the soul.
  • Nazareth - Bethlehem - Jerusalem – France- Portugal - Italy - Vatican - Fatima – Rome
  1. Buddisht Pilgrimage Tour
Let Buddha that leads to Lumbini Park where he was born in a banyan tree. "Please join with us in the journey back in time to the land of Buddha Dharma and listen the sound echo of temple bell".
  • India - Nepal: Kolkata - Bodhgaya - Rag jir - Varanasi - Kushinagar
  • Lumbini - Sravasti - Lucknow Agra - Delhi.
Myanmar: Yangon - Kyaikhtiyo – Bago


Viet Media Travel proud to be one of the ten leading travel companies in Vietnam...

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